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Amcom Software’s critical alerting connects virtually all crucial alert systems, such as nurse call, fire, security, and building management, to mobile staff on their wireless communication devices. Amcom Messenger™ is the hub that processes information from the various systems and directs important messages to wireless devices such as NEC devices, voice badges, pagers, smartphones, and many others.

The ability to reach mobile team members within seconds improves overall work flow, staff productivity, and the comfort and safety of everyone in your facility.

Some of the products we can offer you:

Alarm Dispatch Module
Messenger Healthcare
Telemetry Relay
Telephony Interface
Cellular Messaging


Introducing the 8000 V2 Pager.
Amcom Software has enhanced the 7950 pager and increased the display from four to eight lines, all within an IP67 waterproof shell! This new pager is an additional product to the existing 7950 pagers.

8000 V2 Pager Features: 

Four or eight line alphanumeric display (with bold font capability)
Specially designed IP67 waterproof and dust proof durable plastic enclosure
Blinking unread reminder LED
Programmable by hand, Over the Air (OTA), or USB software
Up to 80 days of battery life
Priority override – override silent/vibrate mode for code calls or critical alarms


Watch this Amcom Messenger video to learn more about the solution and how it can benefit your organisation and enhance communication in a healthcare setting.

Amcom messenger video

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My faith in their support has encouraged me to use them for deployment of CCTV, Access Security and as our primary point for mobile/data and ISDN management.

David J. Hinchcliff  |  David Brown Gear Industries

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