Onsite Paging

More businesses are now looking at onsite paging as a simple way of communicating. Simply, it means that you have a transmitter located “onsite”. The paging system is owned and controlled by an organization such as a hospital, club, large Factory, Storage/Warehouse, or just about any business that needs instant and cost-free communications. Once you have purchased system, there are no monthly fees. Most often, systems like these have a Return of Investment within a year.

End to end Paging Solution 

We offer pagers with a large number of features wrapped in a durable casing that protects your investment. We are a one-stop-specialist for pagers, paging transmitters, and paging terminals. This is of huge benefit and money saving for your business, it will also reduce the frustration of trying to integrate different types of equipment manufacturers into existing communications platforms.

Some of the industries now using paging systems:

Aged Care

Government Buildings
Occupational Health and Safety
Car Dealerships
Port Authorities
Emergency Services

Some of the products we can offer you:

Amcom Software Paging and Messenger products

Unipage Notify pagers

For more information on how you can benefit from our paging solutions contact us on Ph: 1300 338 266 or email us and one of our team members will get in contact with you shortly.

My faith in their support has encouraged me to use them for deployment of CCTV, Access Security and as our primary point for mobile/data and ISDN management.

David J. Hinchcliff  |  David Brown Gear Industries

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