Video Conferencing

AST Technologies has introduced Video conferencing to their range of products.

Video Conferencing has never been more affordable than right now. In our troubled financial environment, and the challenge of reducing costs, Video Conferencing is emerging as an easy solution. Not long ago, only large corporate businesses and Government, seemed to be the only ones being able to make use of this great technology.

Since the introduction of high capacity Broadband at relatively low cost and coupled with the right video conferencing equipment, its usage has made quite significant inroads in a range of business and industries such as Education, Media, Health Care, Manufacturing and multi-branch businesses.

When business disruption costs money or travel is not an option, Video Conferencing solutions from AST Technologies are very easy for companies to get a very quick return on their Investment. These are very measurable Return on Investment.

AST Technologies Video Conferencing solutions are not only for the boardroom, but offices, conference rooms, traveling business people, remote workers. They increase productivity and minimises disruption to your business.

Some industries already using Video Conferencing:

Legal Firms
Financial and Accounting Services
Health Care
Oil Gas and Energy
Mining Industry
State and Local Government
Real Estate
Multiple Branch businesses
Many more


Please contact us to find out more about video conferencing and how it may work for you, or Ph. 1300 338 266


My faith in their support has encouraged me to use them for deployment of CCTV, Access Security and as our primary point for mobile/data and ISDN management.

David J. Hinchcliff  |  David Brown Gear Industries

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